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Our Class Co-Ordinator is,
Countess Elspeth of Stonehaven

Vertigo Classes Descriptions 2017

Vocal Performance Techniques
Lady Cristabell Rose Alwin

Enameling 2 Hrs. (2-4 PM)
HL Jawhar ibn Akmel el Ghazi

Wet Felting for Beginners
HL Jaida de Leon

Students will make a small felt bag. Fee: $5.00 Limit: 10

Tablet Weaving with Ms Gyda
Ms Gyda

Bring your projects and questions

Spinning Fleece for Beginners
Fee $6.50
HL Gwennan nic Alpin of Loch Shiel

Students should bring pen and paper for notes. Instructor will provide,
for a fee: clean dry fleece that has been dyed in several colors, hand carders
and hand spindles if students don't have their own. (she only has a few available
to sell)Includes hand outs and documentation.
All are welcome to bring their own carders, spindles, and fiber.

Advanced Spinning: Creating Woolen or Worsted Yarns from a Distaff
Fee $8.00
HL Gwennan nic Alpin of Loch Shiel

Instructor will provide hand outs and documentation as well as fiber to be
loaded and tied onto a distaff by the student. Students are welcome to bring their
own distaff stick, fiber, tie on ribbon and prep tools.

Beginning Blackwork
Class Limit: 6 Fee: $3.00
HL Caitlin nic Raighne

Students will learn basic techniques of blackwork, including the
Holbein (double running) stitch and tips on preparing your ground cloth,
starting and stopping stitches, and using beeswax to strengthen stitching.
No embroidery experience necessary! Participants will receive an "make and take"
blackwork it that includes everything you need to make a bookmark (thread,
needle, cloth, and instructional booklet). Please bring magnifying glasses
if you have any diffculty seeing up close.

Bayeau Tapestry Stitch
2 hours
Suggested Donation for Handout: $2.00
HL Henry Percival Kempe

This is a hands on class. Instructor will provide materials.

Dyeing with Materials You Can Find Outside
1 hour
Suggested Donation for Handout: $1.00
HL Henry Percival Kempe

This is a discussion class.

Ceramic Images
1 hour
Mael Brigit of Dublin

European and Arabic 600-1600.
The handout is a bibliography of references and books the class is based on.

Waxed Linen
HL Giraude Bene

1 hour

Mistress Neassa inghenn Cearnach

A time to bring your looms and your projects. I will be prepared
to talk specifically about the double heddle-triple shed technique.
Then with enough time, we will visit and troubleshoot and swap ideas.
I will have a looms available to learn and practice on.

Pattern Drafting
HL Isabeau Jehanne

Learn how to take measurements to draft a pattern.
There will be hints and helps on the use of patterns.
The technique will work on any period clothing.
There will also be a discussion on modern patterns and
how to adapt them to a medieval garment.

Bring to class:
Tape Measure
Pen or Pencil
Brown or butcher paper
Your favorite pattern for outfit
Old shirt
Fabric and Paper scissors