Lost Moor's
Roll of Arms

Test of useing the Kingdom OP to Access Shire members awards. Click here to start test.

A combined Order of Precendence & Armorial

This local Roll of Arms serves two purposes:

  • Displays a list of local participants, their awards, thier arms and thier interests;
  • Making award information more widely available, so that it's easier to know who already has what when making award recommendations

Award recommendations can be made online via Calontir's online award recommendation form.

The listings are in alphabetical order by SCA given name. If a name is registered, it is listed under the registered spelling. Explanations of the awards can be found in Awards of Calontir or in Awards of Caid.

Please note that this is not an official document. The Kingdom of Calontir Online Armorial & Order of Precedence are available on the Calontir website. This is as complete as we are able to make it at this time; additional information is always welcome. Please contact webminister for additions or corrections.

Please pardon our mess, this is a work-in-progress and will be updated accordingly.

Abbreviations used:

  • AR = Argent (white or silver)
  • AZ = Azure (blue)
  • GU = Gules (red)
  • Or = (yellow or gold) (not an abbreviation)
  • PR = Proper (the common color for the object)
  • PU = Purpure (purple)
  • SA = Sable (black)
  • VE = Vert (green)