Lost and Found
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Correction to room number. 201 not 203
12:00 Combined Lily/Hammer Room 201
12:30 Laurel Room 201
Event Parking
Event Site Parking
10th St. is One Way north Bound
Faraon St. is One way west bound at 10 St.
9th St. is Two waay at Faraon St. aand at Robidoux St.
Robidouix St. is Two way at 10th St.
There is an alley between Faraon and Robidoux on the west
side of the church for access to parking.
There will be no parking on the north side of Faraon St.
Between 10th St. and the Alley, As this is a loading zone,
The best access to the check in and display area is through
the East door. This is also the handicap entrance.

Kingdom QPT 2019:

February 9, 2019

This is an E-pay event

Please join us at First Christian Church in Saint Joseph,MO.

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Event Staff


First Christian Church
927 Faraon St
Saint Joseph, MO 64501

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From the North or South take your best route to Highway I229 North or South. If from the South (i.e. north bound) exit at Edmond St, and proceed east to 10th St. Turn left and go north, If from the North (i.e. south bound) exit at Felix, Proceed east to 10th St. turn left and go north. The Site is located at the corner of 10th and Faraon. There is limited parking on the north side of the church, there is some handicap parking across the street. Additional parking is at a city parking structure at 9th and Felix (The structure is between 9th and 8th St.).

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Site Fees

Adult Registration $15.00
Adult Member Discount Registration $10.00
Child, 13 thru 17 $5.00
Child, 12 and under free
Family registration cap $40.00
Family Member Discount Registration Cap $30.00

Make Checks Payable to SCA Inc. - Shire of Lost Moor

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There will be an Inn. It will be run by the site management.

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